Passwords to the Heart

We have so many passwords we have to deal with every day.  Passwords for our bank accounts, email accounts, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (haven’t used that one in a while), iPhones, personal safes, computers…

Do we have passwords that can open up our hearts?

Is there a special word or phrase, a certain look or smile that helps you to open up to someone?  Does it take a glass of wine… or two or three… for you to open up to a stranger?  A sympathetic expression?  An empathetic nod?

No, this isn’t what I was planning to write about today, but as I was walking the dog tonight, I started wondering about what it is that makes people express their inner thoughts to others.

That thought spurned into another:  Why is it that a lot of people are so quick to share their deepest and almost confidential thoughts on blogs or to complete strangers out here in this world we call the Internet?  Their own family members may not know what makes them tick because it’s not discussed, yet ones in this virtual world might know everything about the person.

Who do you let into your heart?

Do you have a special password?

Do you let anyone in?

Do you think people are too open on the Internet?

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions…


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