♫♩I Enjoy Being A Girl ♬♪ (I’m Just Not Very Good At It…)

Because of a class/work schedule change tonight, I’ll be able to go out and join a party with a friend, his wife and their friends… about 15 people total.  Participating in get-togethers like these is not common for me since most of my nights are filled with English classes.  (And the “partying mood” is not alive and well when one is getting back home at anywhere between 9:30pm to 1:00am.)

Since there’s excitement in the air, I thought I’d do something different and use hot curlers in my hair.  ** Insert LOTS of laughter here!**

Those who know me well know that I’m not really a girly girl.  I don’t wear makeup.  I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt type of person.  (Wore overalls for my 8th grade school pictures… my mother wasn’t thrilled about my choice.)  Hair care includes washing, conditioning and if the weather is cold, blow-drying.  If it’s really hot, the hair goes up in a ponytail.  If it’s really cold, a hat is added.

It is fun when someone wants to put makeup on me, but after a while, the skin feels like it can’t breathe and 9 times out of 10, I totally forget about the mascara I’m wearing and rub my eyes, as I normally would.  This is always followed by, “Oops…” or “Uh, oh…” after noticing there’s black stuff on my hands.

Anyway, back to the hot rollers…

At the moment, there are nine of them still in my hair.  I haven’t gone to get my bangs cut recently, so one hot roller was used for my bangs, too.  About an hour ago, this particular one started to fall out, so I took it out and was going to re-roll.  Curiosity got the best of me… a trip to the bathroom to check the mirror… a huge laugh burst from me.

Half to the left, half to the right!

My bangs looked just like Charlie Chaplin’s feet!!  Right at that moment, a good friend called and I couldn’t stop laughing to say, “Moshi moshi,” (“Hello” in Japanese) and she asked what was going on.  When I explained the above, she also began giggling and said, “Why are you doing something you never do?!”

Touche’!!  🙂

So, here I am… bangs have been sprayed with water to help “calm” them down a bit and now dried to straighten them out again.  A big round-brush is standing by, ready to work along with the hair dryer.  We will see if the second attempt at the bangs will be a success or not.

Am thinking that the makeup will stay OFF today… the extent of it may be some Carmex lip balm.  (LOVE the stuff!!)

I mean, what could go wrong with some lip balm, right?  🙂

Fingers crossed… 😀