The Heavens have gained another beautiful voice…

Facebook hasn’t been accessed yet, but one can only imagine that it’s filled with posts about the passing of Whitney Houston.  When I saw the Internet news on AOL about her, my heart sank.  And, you know, it was shocking to see that she was only 48 years old.

Just days before the Grammy Awards… people must be scrambling to change the flow of the show, celebrations might be quieter, lights might be dimmer…

(Sorry… I feel like I’m just rambling.  So many feelings dashing around in my heart.)

Reading one article, there was a video of her last performance… according to the article anyway.  Whitney was singing “Amazing Grace” with someone else.  A part of me was startled hearing her raspy, gravelly, almost unrecognizable voice… yet another part of me was comforted hearing that oh-so-familiar warmth and tenderness as she sang.

The first time I ever heard her voice was the duet she sang with Jermaine Jackson, “Take Good Care of My Heart”.  (Way back in 1984.)  Had bought the record and fell in love with that song AND her voice.  Then she came out with her own album the next year.

No matter how she lead her life, no matter what choices she made, we are all blessed that she shared her amazing voice and talent with us.

Ms. Houston, may you rest in peace…


Monsters and Fairy Tales…

My childhood bedroom… stuffed animals, tons of books on the shelves, a poster of Leif Garrett, other posters of characters from fairy tales, one with my favorite singing duo, Pink Lady.  Sounds like a typical little girl’s room, right?  Well, I also had a BIG poster of Dracula, a smaller poster of Frankenstein and a glow in the dark poster of King Kong!  🙂

For some reason I had the biggest fascination with monsters.  If there was a book about monsters or movie creatures in the Scholastic book order from school, there was a HUGE check mark next to it.  (The time I got a monster-related poster with the order, talk about being filled with elation!!)

You could ask me questions about Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and I had ALL the answers!  (Yes, very strange little girl…)

But the fascination didn’t stop there.  One of my favorite Japanese cartoons was (and still is) Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro.  (Not sure if it has an English title or not.)  Loved all the monsters in the Ultraman series, loved Godzilla, all the odd creatures in the Kamen Rider shows.  (Loved them all, yet at the same time, I was quite scared of them, too.)

Wonder if anyone else out there liked/likes monsters?  Anyone?  Anyone?  🙂