Russian Roulette with Wasabi…

Well, I was planning on writing about something totally different tonight… funny how subjects can change from hour to hour! ┬á­čÖé

I met one of my really good friends this evening before my final English class. ┬áThe class is a group of oral surgeons and they all work at a university hospital. ┬áMy friend had recently made a website for their department and wanted to go with me tonight to take some homemade Valentine’s sweets for them.

(By the way, tomorrow I’ll explain about how Valentine’s Day is here in Japan. ┬áStay tuned!)

Anyway, my friend thought it would be fun to add wasabi to one of the sweets and see who would be the “winner.” ┬á(Wasabi is a VERY hot mustard-like paste that you sometimes find on sushi.)

There were four of us tonight and there were a total of 18 sweet potato tarts. ┬áThe three of them took one each as I took a picture of the sweets and the doctors… all three ate the ones they had chosen, half holding their breath and chewing, waiting to see if the flavor in their mouths was going to change. Their expressions turned to ones of relief.

So, it was my turn. ┬áThere were still 15 to choose from. ┬áLooking from one to the next, I selected one that appeared rather normal. ┬á(Then again, they ALL looked “normal”!! ┬áha ha ha)

As the other three focused intently, I brought the tart to my mouth and took a sniff… uh, oh… it was too late though and I took a bite. ┬áChewing, chewing, chewing… all I could taste was sweet potato and the sweetness of the tart cup.

Then it happened! ┬áThat familiar sting in the nasal passage! ┬áI let out an “Ugh!” and the others started laughing. ┬áInstead of putting the rest down, I ate it… guess I didn’t want to be labeled a loser. ┬á­čÖé

So, that was my Russian Roulette-kind-of-day! ┬áMy students said that must mean that I’m going to have a lucky year.

All I know is that my sinuses are clear for the time being! ┬á­čÖé