Snowy days and memories of Daddy…

Writing a blog on a regular basis is an interesting thing.  (Okay, okay… I sound like I really know what I’m talking about and am only truly on Day #3!)

Anyway, as the day proceeds, things happen and you see various things around and think, “Oh, I could write about that!”  Today, the topic was going to be singing commercials for local businesses and/or writing about one local studio in particular or the snowy weather we’ve had in Fukuoka today.

Then I saw a particular post on Facebook… a friend’s father passed away today.  With that single and simple post, everything that had happened during the day vanished from my mind and one thought remained… I miss Dad!

My dad passed away suddenly in August of 2005.  He hadn’t had any particular health problems that anyone knew of.  My parents had just moved to a small city in Tennessee from the big city of Tampa, Florida.  (Dad was going to pastor a small country church there.)  They were there about a month and, one early Sunday morning, he was sitting on the couch, telling my mother he didn’t feel good.  She called an ambulance and less than two hours later, he was gone.

Being Daddy’s little girl, mere words are not enough to express the devastation and loss I felt when I heard the news.  The void in my heart is still very much there and I still miss him immensely… but we’ll talk about that at another time.

During the afternoon and evening, different memories of my dad passed through my mind.  Then while I walked the dog tonight, cold wind blowing, snow falling, I remembered a song my dad used to sing to get me to laugh.

He LOVED to make original jokes and to do play on words and change lyrics to songs.  So, in his beautiful baritone voice, he’d start to sing.  ♬♪ People… people who eat people… are the luckiest people… in the world ♫♩ (Of course, it’s actually “people who NEED people”.)  Yet, no matter how many times he’d sing that (and I knew exactly what word he was going to sing), I’d giggle incessantly!

So many years ago… and what I would do to hear that soothing voice again!

As I walked with the dog under the dark gray skies, both of us being bombarded by big, fluffy snowflakes, my dad’s voice was singing that line in my mind… and without really thinking about it, I giggled out loud.

Oh, how I miss him…