Cats and birds and a dog… oh, my!

I’m currently taking care of a mini-zoo… or that’s what it feels like most days!  🙂

I have three cats of my own.  Used to have five and now there are three.  Two of them understand only English… one understands my facial expressions.  (That one is deaf… has been from birth.)

Then there is one dog, Tostito.  He belongs to the ex’s sister’s family.  (Are you confused now? 🙂 )  She and her husband are missionaries and are currently Stateside.  I’m taking care of their beloved puppy dog while they’re there.

Then there’s the rest of the “zoo”.  A friend of mine is currently in Hokkaido to be with her parents who are both in the hospital.  She and her husband went up there at the beginning of last month and asked if I could take care of their pets… three cats and five birds.  (Well, there were originally seven birds and two of them died.  Talk about feeling TERRIBLE!!  Later found out that those two had been sick and it wasn’t my fault… still felt bad about it though.)

There are days when things get totally crazy taking care of all the animals.  Then I begin to think about my friend who’s with her parents.  I have it easy compared with her.  So, on this day (as on many other days), I count my blessings and think of all the ones who care and love me and am thankful… thankful for life, for love and for all the furry creatures in the house!  🙂


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