Spring, oh Spring… where are you?

The Spring Equinox has come and gone, my birthday has come and gone (though the celebrations continue… a happy thing!), the sakura trees (Japanese cherry trees) are finally blooming…

And just as the whole city was elated about warmer days and sunny weather, Mother Nature decided to throw us for a loop!!

For the past two days, we’ve had winds and rain like during typhoon season!  It has been simply crazy!  Let’s see, yesterday the bullet trains were stopped, airplanes weren’t flying, the ferry boats which run between here and Pusan, Korea, were stopped.  The newscasters even advised that people stay in their homes if at all possible.  (Meanwhile, I drove westward to a friend’s beach house as a group of pals were throwing a belated b-day party for me… you should’ve seen the waves!!)

I guess I’d gotten so used to the sound of the gusts outside, hitting the windows and the walls of the house, I woke up this morning and the sound of the silence was almost deafening.  And what a difference from the gray skies of yesterday!  It was ALL a deep blue with not one cloud in the sky… BEAUTIFUL!

Got a call from a good friend (the one who bought me a pair of Crocs for my b-day) and he invited me to a picnic under the sakura trees with him, his wife and her mother.  We went to a nearby shrine and ate lunch with all the fragrant pink blossoms above us.  Needless to say, it was so nice!  But the winds were still chilly.

The weatherman was saying today that the temps will be dropping a bit over the next few days… already April, yet temps like the middle of March.  (Brrr!!)

Spring, we’re ready for you!  Whenever you decide to arrive and stay, we’re here waiting!  Just PLEASE don’t take too long!  🙂