Did Anyone Miss Me? =)

Well, I’m back after… more than 10 days, I think.  (Whew!)  Honestly, I have missed writing posts on here SO MUCH, but because of helping some friends with packing for their move to another island in Japan, exhaustion and sleepiness won the battle every time!

So, anyone who has read about the “zoo” that I was keeping here at the house, here is an update:  these friends who have moved were the owners of the three cats and six birds (nine, originally) and they ALL left on a big white airplane on Tuesday morning.

Needless to say, after taking care of the “zoo” for almost four months, it’s almost too quiet in the house.  And I must say… I really do miss them!  My youngest cat, Chako, seems to be ecstatic that things are somewhat back to normal.  She has “her” room back and this morning she wandered in, stretched out on the floor, and began to purr loudly.  (Can you say “spoiled”?!)  🙂

So, anyway… yes, I am still alive, if anyone was wondering.  Thank you to those who have sent me emails and messages on Facebook, asking if I’m okay.  Hopefully soon, life will calm down and I’ll be able to get into the routine of writing every day/night again.

Being away for this long has been tough, especially since there has been so much I’ve wanted to write about!  But for tonight, I bid you all adieu and will eagerly await the Sandman’s arrival… it’s been another tiring day.  🙂

As we say in Japan, oyasuminasai!  (In other words, “good night”!)  🙂


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