Happy Spring! (^^)/

Well, as written yesterday, I actually had a FULL day off today!  Didn’t sit on the couch all day and watch TV though.  Instead, I did stuff around the house.

Washed some clothes…

Washed some dishes…

Washed all the litter boxes for the cats…

Cleaned all the bird cages (all five of them)…

Took six bags of garbage to the local trash place…

Went to the store to buy cat food…

Organized last month’s receipts…

And, believe it or not, I didn’t turn on the computer or the TV until after noon!!

(This is practically unheard of for me!)

Even though it was a day off, I don’t feel very rested… maybe I should have just sat on the couch and relaxed after all!!  🙂

Anyway… Happy Equinox Day to everyone!  May spring of 2012 bring warmer days, brighter moments and beautiful flowers to everyone!  🙂


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