Another New Year…

It’s hard to believe that 2012 has begun!  (Okay… more like, it’s hard to believe I haven’t done anything on here in over a year!!)

I can say, honestly, that one of my resolutions for last year did come true… the weight loss one.  The kilograms continue to fade away… slow at times, but the loss has been steady.  Would have to say that my mother seems to be the one who is elated about this fact.  (I saw her last fall and every time we’d see friends or relatives, she’d start with, “Look at Roberta!  Doesn’t she look good?”  Kinda feel bad for making her worry all those years…)

Anyway, the first month of the new year is coming to an end… already!!  And I am bound and determined to do better with this blog!  As far as topics, well, there’s a whole year’s worth to write about from 2011 and there are always fun things happening in and around this place.

So, here we go… here’s to 2012!  May it be full of more ups than downs, more smiles than frowns, more friends than foes and may love abound wherever the path goes!  =)


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