Music in the mind…

Isn’t it amazing how a song can flood your mind with memories?

And from that one little song, the memories can be so vivid… like the smell of an old boyfriend’s sweatshirt which just came out of the drier… the warmth of the sun on your skin on a summer’s day… the driving rain falling, mixing with the tears streaming down your face… sharing a slow dance in the living room, lips meeting lips…

Music can remind you of people whom you haven’t thought of in years.  It can bring back feelings, strong raw feelings, from pure joy to deep sadness.

A song popped into my head the other day and then the same song played in a film I saw.  The song was A Bushel and A Peck from “Guys and Dolls.”  The moment it was in my mind, I could remember my dad singing it to me when I was small, sitting on the piano bench with me on his lap.  I could remember the smells coming from the kitchen while my mom cooked dinner.  I could remember how the light was coming in from outside, the afternoon glow shining through the windows.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?  Just one song and all these images from the past flood the brain!  Am SO thankful for music, which I couldn’t live without… and SO thankful for our minds and the ability to reflect on our lives.  No one can take those memories away from us… these are the treasures which help us to know ourselves and grow!  =)

(And it’s after 1am… time for bed… signing off for tonight.)


Hello world from a happy “boiled egg”…

This is officially the first one.  January 11, 2010… 1/11/10… kind of neat.

I watched a movie (well, one of five actually) and in the movie, someone started their own blog.  It looked like a fun thing to do… so here I am.  =)

By the way, my name is Roberta.  My dad used to tell people that I was “made in Japan and born in the USA.”  Then my parents brought me right back over to Japan and I’ve lived here for almost all of my life.

If I had to describe myself in five words are less, I’d say I’m a happy “boiled egg.”  Strange?  Yes.  So, if you boil an egg, the color on the outside is… white.  The color on the inside is… yellow.  And that is exactly how I feel most of the time:  Caucasian on the outside and very, very Japanese on the inside.

So, that’s a tidbit for you.  One morsel for the first day of blogging… the first step of an unknown journey.  One little piece of the puzzle that makes up this person… me!  =)